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Holy Angels Catholic Church

Dyersburg, Tennessee - Rev. Robert J. Stellini, Pastor

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Ministers' Schedule for 
May 7, 2017-July 2, 2017

 ** See note to Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Ushers after schedule

May 7, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector Kayla PiskorskiJamie McGowanDot Alley
Extraordinary 1Carmel FreidhofChristi BooneMarge Pinkowski
Ministers      2Peter HinkelChris WestBeth Bell
of Holy3Denise HinkelPhyllis KrausLinda Epley
Servers            1 Madison McGowanKytana Sapien
 2 Sarah BooneCarter Boals
 3 McKynzee Luckenbaugh 
Ushers              1Scott ThomsonBen MorganBilly Bona 
 2Dan FreidhofMoe SimsReed Bona
Honor Fam Bill & Julie DavisJoseph DurbinMarge Pinkowski
Sacristan  Moe SimsElizabeth Schwarz
Min of Sick   Marge Pinkowski
May 14, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Youth Mass
Lector Denise HinkelTerry Stanionis Billy Bona
Extraordinary 1Terry ByrdSteve Stanionis Alma Rubio
Ministers      2Sue HurstMoe Sims Michael Betonio
of Holy3Kayla PiskorskiPhyllis Kraus Nancy Rivera
Servers            1 Shelby Hilliard Leo Bona
 2 Stacey Hilliard Carter Boals
 3 Ryan Hilliard Joseph Carolin
Ushers              1Corey PiskorskiJoseph Durbin Kytana Sapien-Hodge
 2Michelle PislorskiJoseph McGowan Cheyann Unland
Honor Fam Hinkel FamilyEbelhar FamilyMarge Pinkowski
Sacristan  Moe SimsLinda Epley
Min of Sick   Marge Pinkowski
May 21, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector John McGrailJennifer EbelharBeth Bell
Extraordinary 1Ashley PiskorskiMcKynzee LuckengaughBilly Bona 
Ministers      2Michelle PiskorskiKathy MorganDot Alley
of Holy3Janet PogueAaron BooneBarry Frazier
Servers            1 Sarah IsbellKytana Sapien
 2 Jake EbelharLeo Bona
 3 Kate Ebelhar 
Ushers              1Dan FreidhofBen MorganBilly Bona 
 2Pete HinkelMoe SimsEnrique Rodriguez
Honor Fam Joan FisherGeorge LombasHodge Family
Sacristan  Moe SimsElizabeth Schwarz
Min of Sick   Marge Pinkowski
May 28, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector Barbara PughJamie McGowanBarry Frazier
Extraordinary 1 Chris West 
Ministers      2Carmel FreidhofPhyllis KrausEnrique Rodriguez
of Holy3Peter HinkelSusan SeatMichael Betonio
Servers            1 Rylee RudCarter Boals
 2 Magdalena HendricksonJustice Hodge
 3 Sarah Isbell 
Ushers              1Bill DavisTim BruewerNerio Pepito
 2Jim KennedyJoseph Durbin 
Honor Fam Hinkel FamilyBoone FamilyKathy Yarbro
Sacristan  Moe SimsElizabeth Schwarz
Min of Sick   Marge Pinkowski
June 4, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector Denise HinkelMcKynzee LuckenbaughCarol Thompson
Extraordinary 1 Christi BooneNancy Morales
Ministers      2Terry ByrdMarilyn LuckenbaughTanya Larraga
of Holy3Sue HurstAaron Boone 
Servers            1 Stacey HilliardMatt Pepito
 2 Madison McGowanCarter Boals
 3 Sarah Boone 
Ushers              1Jim KennedyJ. C. RiveraKyle Cozort
 2scott ThomsonBryan FrankRad Hunsley
Honor Fam Bill & Julie DavisBen MorganChristine Denzer
Sacristan  Debbie McAndrewLee Ann Hunsley
Min of Sick   Kayla Piskorski
June 11, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector John McGrailMarilyn LuckenbaughBeth Bell
Extraordinary 1 Steve StanionisMarie Buck
Ministers      2Carmel FreidhofTerry StanionisArly Ramirez
of Holy3Janet PogueMoe SimsNancy Morales
Servers            1 Madison McGowanLeo Bona
 2 McKynzee LuckenbaughMatt Pepito
 3 Shelby Hilliard 
Ushers              1Bill DavisBen MorganBilly Bona 
 2Pete HinkelMoe SimsReed Bona
Honor Fam Joan FisherJ. C. RiveraMarge Pinkowski
Sacristan  Debbie McAndrewLee Ann Hunsley
Min of Sick   Kayla Piskorski
June 18, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector Barbara PughJennifer EbelharCarrie Beld
Extraordinary 1Carmel FreidhofMarilyn LuckenbaughJanet Pepito
Ministers      2Peter HinkelMcKynzee LuckengaughMarie Buck
of Holy3Denise HinkelKathy MorganArly Ramirez
Servers            1 Stacey HilliardJustice Hodge
 2 Ryan HilliardKytana Sapien
 3 Rylee Rud 
Ushers              1Dan FreidhofJ. C. RiveraNerio Pepito
 2 Bryan FrankKen Schwarz
Honor Fam Bill & Julie DavisWest FamilyChristine Denzer
Sacristan  Debbie McAndrewLee Ann Hunsley
Min of Sick   Kayla Piskorski
June 25, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector Denise HinkelSteve StanionisBilly Bona 
Extraordinary 1Terry ByrdPhyllis KrausBeth Bell
Ministers      2Sue HurstAaron BooneLinda Epley
of Holy3 Chris WestEthan Yochum
Servers            1 Magdalena Hendrickson 
 2 Sarah IsbellCarter Boals
Ushers              1Pete HinkelMoe SimsKyle Cozort
 2Bill DavisRod HaslettRad Hunsley
Honor Fam  Cravens FamilyHunsley Family
Sacristan  Debbie McAndrewLee Ann Hunsley
Min of Sick   Kayla Piskorski
July 2, 2017 5:00 PM8:00 AM10:45 AM
Lector John McGrailTerry StanionisLinda Epley
Extraordinary 1Peter HinkelChristi BooneDot Alley
Ministers      2Denise HinkelPhyllis KrausBarry Frazier
of Holy3Janet PogueSusan SeatMarge Pinkowski
Servers            1 Sarah BooneLeo Bona
 2 Madison McGowanMatt Pepito
Ushers              1Jim KennedyJoseph McGowanKen Alley
 2scott ThomsonBen MorganTucker Cozort
Honor Fam Joan FisherHaslett Family 
Sacristan  Debbie McAndrewLinda Epley
Min of Sick   Ashley Piskorski

Reminder to All Ministers! It is your responsibility to get a replacement if you cannot serve when you are scheduled.  Please contact STEVE STANIONIS @ or 693-6254 two weeks before the end of the current schedule if you are going out of town!!!   THANK YOU!!!!

Interested in Volunteering as a Minister?  If you are interested in volunteering as a lector, Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist, altar server, honor family, or usher please contact Moe Sims for information on training. 

Questions about the Ministers’ Schedule?  Ministers’ schedules are issued every 8 weeks.  Liturgical ministers for the coming week are listed in the bulletin each week. If you have a question about the ministers’ schedule, please contact the Liturgical Minister scheduler, Steve Stanionis (731-693-6254 or



Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion


Note: Please be at church at least 10 minutes before Mass time so you can sign in on the schedule that is on the refrigerator in the Priest's vesting room.


The time for all three (3) to come up is when Father is receiving the Body of Christ.  Note: If you are not scheduled and you see only 2 ministers at the steps, before you go up, check behind you to make sure the third minister isn't on his/her way up.  All thrss will stop at the botton of the steps and bow to the Altar at the same time.  One minister will go to the right and the other two will go to the left.  When you get there you are to SANITIZE your hands.  A bottle of sanitizer is on each credence table. The minister with the Body will stand next to Father; the two with the Blood of Christ will go to the corner of the steps.  When Communion is finished, the one with the Body will place the Ciborium on the Altar, (you don’t have to wait for the other two ministers) and then come to the front of the Altar and bow before going into the Priest vesting room to help consume any remaining Blood.  All three leave the Priest vesting room and go to the bottom of the steps and bow to the Altar at the same time and go back to their pew.




 Listed below are some general guidelines to follow:

Arrive at least 15 minutes before Mass so you can check with Father to see if there is anything special.  


Make sure that both glass doors at the main entrance and in the foyer are unlocked, in case of an emergency.


Know who the Honor Family is and see if they are present.  If not, you will need to ask another family.


Greet people as they arrive, especially people you do not know.


Get a count of the number of people in attendance and mark it on the clipboard under the choir staircase.


At the more crowded Masses, be sure to assist people in finding seats.  There is room for 6 or 7 adults in each pew.  Make a special effort to seat senior citizens, expectant mothers, and parents with babies. 


The foyer is to be used as a cry room and is reserved for parents with children. There is limited seating in that area.  (One church pew) DO NOT add additional chairs to the foyer.  NO chairs are to be placed down the office hallway. After the church is full any overflow is to be directed into the social hall. This is most important at the 10:45 Mass as the video and audio is on.


Don’t let people stand in the entrances during Mass.


Do not seat anyone during the Readings, Gospel, or the Homily.  If seats are available, they can be seated during the silent period between the readings.


At the 10:45 Mass remember to go into the social hall and take up the collection.  It can be done after the main church part and kept in the back of the church till after Mass and then given to the sacristan to be put into the money bag.


If there is a second collection, it should be taken up after Communion after the singing starts.


As the Recessional Hymn begins, the doors should be propped open.  (The doors should be closed when Mass begins.)  Do not open doors during Communion.


Hand out the bulletins to all.  They are found in the Reconciliation Room.


For new parishioners who would like to register, invite them to take a census card from the tables at the entrances to the church.  They may be filled out and returned to the parish office.  They may be placed in the collection basket the next time they are at Mass.


Be attentive to any special needs, and use your common sense.  Keep any conversation to a minimum and in a low tone.